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Pharmaceutical and Healthcare

Widely-respected as a manufacture and marketer of high quality pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and healthcare products, Ikapharmindo Putramas continues to build its reputation by observing production standards that have earned recognition for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), the international seal for manufacturing excellence.

Its strength in the market is primarily in products for dermatology and neurology as result of years of dedicated focus through its close partnership with the trade and the medical communities.

Products include the Company’s proprietary range as well as those that are produced under license from major companies in Australia, the USA and Europe, and other strategic business alliances that rely on Ikapharmindo'’ dominant position and experience since the 1970s.

The Company’s business has become highly specialized through a well-defined dichotomy in product lines: the Pharmaceutical Division and the Personal Care Division, Inclusive of baby care products and cosmetics.

Personal Care and Cosmetics Division

The Division’s main business is hair and skin care products for beauty salons as well as the retail market. The ranges of haircare products include shampoos, conditioners, hair tonics, hair styling and hair treatment. The Company has developed two niche brands: NR, currently number 2 in the salon segment and Mylea lancry, which is exclusively used by professional hair stylists. Its skin care products include facial and body treatments.

The Division is also involved in the marketing of baby care products.